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Good Shepherd Hospital

Sitecki, Swaziland

Take a virtual tour of Good Shepherd Hospital! A wonderful hospital with great doctors, nurses, and patients. They do so much with so little. We've much to learn from them...
Guide to the Tour (left to right, then top to bottom)
  1. The Main Entrance
  2. Patients waiting to be seen in the Outpatient Clinic
  3. The Male Medicine Ward
  4. Premature infants in incubator (they have two)
  5. Newborns enjoying life
  6. The Operating Theater (two of these as well)
  7. Young boy who is everyone's favorite
  8. Kristi helping out in the Pediatric Ward
  9. Has anyone seen this boy's pants?
  10. The Pharmacy
  11. The Nursing School

hospital front outpatient wards premie incubator newborns operating theater little boy peds ward kristi's friends hospital pharmacy nursing school
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